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Bicycle Tail Lights

Planet Bike 3034-1 Blinky Superflash .5 Watt LED with 2 Red LED Tail Lights (Black/Clear Case) offer extremely bright bicycle tail lights. As this Planet bicycle tail lights is extremely bright, it is rivaling car taillights for visibility on dark streets, which keep you visible to passing cars, pedestrians, and other cyclists. Visibility enhancement is come from a Morse-code-like signal produced by two smaller LEDs.

Bicycle Tail Lights Bicycle Tail Lights Bicycle Tail Lights Bicycle Tail Lights 

With the incredible brightness of the main LED, this light is visible from a distance on a sunny day at noon.
The bicycle tail lights are built for long-term use, with an ultra-compact vertical design that's weatherproof, lightweight, sturdy, and durable.
Although this Planet bicycle 3034-1 Blinky Superflash tail lights is very small in size but it has incredible brightness, clearly visible while night riding, and the variances in flashing modes give it good visibility for motorist.

Bicycle Tail Lights Bicycle Tail Lights Bicycle Tail Lights

Durable mounting systems will add safety for parked bikes. This bicycle model tail lights also can resist cracking from normal patterns of wear as it is made from a durable plastic.
You will find that this bicycle tail lights is a great product as it has great value and the brightest light than any other lights on the market.
Planet Bicycle Superflash Tail Lights was very compact and easy to install. Attaching to the back on your bike frame will enhance your safety, as it can be seen from quite a distance, so you do not have to worry if people driving behind you. This is a highly recommend bicycle tail lights which will work very well with any of bikes.
Surely you will get attention when using this bicycle tail lights. Unlike the blinky which just blinks a red light, this little bicycle tail lights strobes a very bright white light and then blinks. It also has a steady mode.
Incredible price for such awesome bicycle tail lights. Get it now from

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