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Electric Pedi-Cab Rickshaw Bicycle Tricycle 2 Passenger

Electric Pedi-Cab Rickshaw Bicycle Tricycle 2 Passenger can be easily converted from Single Pick-up Trike to two (2) Passenger Pedi-Cab.

Product Description of this electric rick shaw tricycle

This unique rickshaw Electric Tricycle converts from an 'electric pick-up Trike' to Passenger Carrying Pedi-cab in an instant.
The PT-2 Electric Trike is a 3 Wheel Tricycle using a 350 watt rear wheel hub drive. This E-Bike runs on 4-20Amp batteries. At full power the PT-2 can get up to 18+ MPH, and has a theft alarm built in. Also included is a reverse gear, and a stylish basket. Extra storage in a locked glove box is standard. Our line of PT-2s come in Silver (as shown),Red or Blue. With the changing gas prices these days Electric modes of transportation are becoming an ever more affordable necessity versus traditional polluting gas transportation.

Currently in Stock.

Warranty: 6 Month Standard on drive train parts not including damage caused by operator or standard maintenance items like tires.

This scooter is shipped via private motorcycle carrier and the cost varies by location. Please email us your address and zip code and we will get a quote from the carrier for delivery costs. It is shipped completely assembled and tested, READY TO RIDE- NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED....

Product Specifications of this electric rickshaw tricycle

 Street Legal: Registration available in all states *Watts: 350 Watt *Amps: 14 Amps *Volts: 48 Volts *Batteries: Four 20 AMP Sealed Lead Acid Batteries *Tire Size: 18 x 2.125 *Charger: 110V / 1.8A *Speed: 18+ MPH Most Practical Trike on the Market! *Distance: 25+ Miles on a single charge * Throttle Type: - Twist * Braking System: Drum Brakes *Drive System: Rear wheel hub drive w/ pedal assist *Trike Size: 82 x 31 x 45 inches *Max Rider Weight: 330 Lbs *Shock Absorber: Hydraulic Shocks *Scooter Weight: 220 Lbs w/batteries *Controller: Electronic

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